02 Web Hosting

02 Web Hosting


   In the beginning, you will have to decide what hosting program you would like to use.

Here are some that I have used:           

1. Bluehost.com 

 2. HostGator.com

               3. Google G Suite (for Domains and email)

4. Blogger

5. WordPres

6. Wix.com



I'm using all of them at the same time. The reason is that you will need to build back links for your website.

     Criteria to think about when you are selecting a web hosting:

  • Does it have a large technical support?

  • Is it easy to setup a website?

  • Will this company support your potential growth?

  • How many emails will you get ? 

  • Will you be sending large files through email? 

  • Will the speed drop if you have 40,000+ visitors? 


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