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                                   Getting Started With Your Own Online Business                              

This is where you build your website content

Content Building

                   03 Building Content


   This is the most exciting park of your website. It's your passion flowing through the text. If you had a top secret information and only you could explain it, how would you do it? Content is the magnet for your website and it's also a tool to reach your readers.  Now more than ever with google algorithms in play, its very important to have your content on the website and provide unique value to your specific audience. 

  • Keep it simple

  • Be creative

  • Be honest

  • Do not mislead 

  • Do not misrepresent 

  • Be Yourself

  • Do not waste your audiences attention. 

    If you are providing information, make sure it is useful to your readers and they can apply it in their everyday environment. Stay up to date in your field or topic and don't forget to comeback and update reverent information.   If you do have a blog on your website, it's going to be very helpful to fill-in the information that you forgot to post.   


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