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Welcome to DayCake !


My name is Taylor
Since 2009, I’ve been making money online! 
    I have dedicated myself to sharing
my experience with you so that we can do this together!
Let's start building residual income together!

Welcome to DayCake Journey ...

    My ultimate goal is to inspire you and motivate you to build your own future that you have been dreaming of each and every day. I also would like to show you my journey on how I built my online side hustle business from the ground up. This is my Side Hustle! Tell me about your side hustle!


 I will do my best at updating my income journey with you, so we can grow this residual income together. Let's get started!

       Don't underestimate yourself, you can do anything you want if you dedicate yourself to it!  You can turn your everyday passion into something very good and worth living for. I am just like you. I am learning. I am improving and growing closer to my success.

Are you ready to build your Residual Income through your Side Hustle? 


I will continue to add more information on My Side Hustle Journey.

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Let us explore How to make money through various ventures!!!

Start your own business!

How to establish your small business? What documents do you need to start your business??

Start your own business or copy some one else's !

Would you like for someone to walk you through it all? Or, do you want to do it yourself ?

Making money through all of these programs, all at the same time, from all parts of the world while I am asleep!!! Don't you wish you could do the same?  

More to Come

Still working on some details

Collection off Meta Worlds and Crypto automation! Let the future of Meta work towards your own success. Automate it!! 

More to Come

Still working on some details


Begin with

The Right mindset

Before you begin, you will have to know the truth about your business development.



Try to  answer important questions about web hosting choices



Be Yourself.

Do not be a copy

of someone else.


How do you make others

be aware of

who you are and your brand. 




So how do you make money? 



What brands are you part of? Why? 

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