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Digital Real Estate /
Metaverse / Crypto World

Automation is my go to when it comes to making money online. If I can set something up and let it continue to make money for me with out having me to do anything at all it my go to first.  Here are some examples of me making money with minimum effort.


      Imagine if you invested in Facebook in 2005 or Tiktok in 2014!
Now Uhive is providing you with the opportunity to invest in the next-gen social network in the early stages

Uhive is a Social Network in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is the future of the internet and is a place where users are in control, earn a fair share of the money, and where the physical meets digital.



Uhive believes in 5 Laws:

Law #1 The Law of Freedom

A Metaverse must offer complete freedom by utilizing decentralization wherever possible

Law #2 The Law of Wealth

A Metaverse must aim to create a global universal income for every single user by allowing and facilitating the distribution of wealth

Law #3 The Law of Democracy

A Metaverse must democratize the entire social system by allowing users to control its policies through councils and public boards

Law #4 The Law of Economies

A Metaverse must be based on the circular economy, meaning everything is considered a digital asset, and is sellable and tradable using the blockchain

Law #5 The Law of Infinite Connections

A Metaverse must encompass and connect all of the above Laws in a virtual world, acting as a bridge to our physical world

So, Why Join Uhive?

Users can simply use Uhive just like any social media, but with the added benefits of free speech, earning revenue by creating and buying/selling digital assets like NFTS, trading virtual real-estate, inviting others to join Uhive and more.

Upland Digital Real Estate


       Upland is one of my favorite virtual property management platforms where, since the day I reached the level of Uplander I continue to collect my profits each day without doing anything at all.

Upland has different statuses; “visitors” for newcomers and “Uplanders” for players who accumulated or bought a net worth of 10,000 UPX ($5), “Pro” who know the game like the back of their hand! , then “Director” & “Executive” are the highest statuses.

The main idea is to buy and acquire lands, then resell them at a higher price, thus becoming wealthier. Although, there is more to it…

Startup Tips

  • Be careful to keep logging in for 7 days, if you are still a visitor, otherwise, you’ll lose all the progress and the gained UPX. (It's called renewing Visa!)

  • With 10,000 UPXs you are a virtual citizen of Upland, which means "Uploader" status. Uplander citizenship comes with an account (aka wallet) with private keys on the EOS blockchain.

Once you reach the Uplander status,  your ongoing accumulating wealth will remain yours even if you don't do anything at all. 

 You are welcome to watch my progress through it all on our  Facebook page    7 Virtual Assets - Real Estate Properties and Investments


The story goes that while Dirk Lueth, Idan Zuckerman and Mani Honigstein were playing Monopoly and watching the series “Stranger Things”, the idea was born. The Monopoly game concept, its objective of buying and selling properties, and the creation of a parallel reality.  Upland offers true ownership of NFT property parcels mapped to real addresses, and has taken a giant leap toward creating the world’s first true digital economy.

  • Upland has its own currency, identified with the ticker UPX

  • UPX is a virtual currency that is only valid within the Upland platform for now

The recent partnership with Tilia Pay, Second Life’s payment network, has taken on great relevance, allowing its users to exchange their UPX or directly sell their properties for dollars that can be withdrawn via PayPal.

With Upland, it is best first to do some research and then, with full confidence enjoy the thrill of buying and owning lands in virtual reality. Just imagine having a property in a game, but on a real map, and that property's ownership is really in your name. Of course, it is in the virtual world! Still, seems quite exciting that nobody else can touch your wealth in the game. But what is more exhilarating is to test your abilities to buy and sell properties in a real estate market!

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