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My Side Hustles - Affilate Programs

Looking for the best methods to earn money online? You're not alone.     

The hardest aspects of getting started with making money on the internet is knowing what niche to explore first & the uncertainty of what to expect from investing your time, and secondly the amount of information overload from doing your research.

These points can be overwhelming, especially if you are unsure of which sources to trust information from and overall you have zero knowledge of the basics of earning money online. Let me share my Side Hustle list with you and how I make money 24/7/365. Some of these income streams, because I can be sleeping or be on a vacation, I can still make money! Sing up to stay updated, while I will continue to discover more and add them to the list. 

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         Many aspiring freelancers, side hustlers, and make-money-online enthusiasts consider $100 a day as a minimum earnings threshold when it comes to finding a gig that can generate a full-time income.


However, I can tell you that it is tough to consistently make $100 a day, every day, from just a single work-from-home job, online business, or side hustle as a beginner.


That’s why I recommend a simple strategy. Start with an easy goal — earning $10 a day. Then, find one of many ways you can consistently earn $10 a day. If you can do that, then you can make it grow to ~ $100 a day, ~ $2,000 a month, and ~ $26,000 a year, which is equivalent to a full-time income at minimum wage. Wouldn't you like to make "BOOKOO" money of your own free will without having to answer someone about it ?!?!?!?!


These are some of the examples of how to make ~ $10 + per day strategies.







TaskRabbit helps you find work in a wide array of fields, from cleaning and delivery to decorating and construction and many more ways! TaskRabbit is now one of the more attractive places to find work. If you are very talented or skilled, you can make a lot more than $10 per day. You might be able to make right away all $100 a day instead. Freelancers who sign up here, get access to millions of potential clients, they set their own rates and availability like a business owner without a boss. The range of tasks available is wide on TaskRabbit — from deep cleaning to assembling IKEA furniture; providing tech help to doing light construction and much more. Join Now at RaskTabbit





Firstly, sign up here! Once you sign in to your account, take a look at all the possible jobs out here to make easy money through Airtasker. Always take into consideration Time vs Income. Is it worth your time or would you be better off doing something else meanwhile? There are plenty of well-paid options so don’t get sucked into low-paying ones unless that's your preference. I have been amazed at how much work there is on there both locally and remotely. The remote work I have found takes longer for them to accept gigs whereas local have usually been confirmed within 24 hours. All you have to do is to make at least $10 per day with your time to keep on track. Start here!





Sell services on Fiverr: The freelancing platform is famous for its $5 gigs. (You can actually charge any price someone is willing to pay for your services.) If you can do two quick $5 gigs a day, or even one bigger $10 gig, then you have your first 10 bucks. Join Fiverr Here If you want more details on how to check out - Maddy Osman's post


Start your own online referral business to make easy money online.




If you open an account with Landa, you will be given a referral link that you can share with anyone in the world. Once you have a successful referral, you will be given a share of a Real Estate property worth $5 or more. I personally have always gotten ~$5 to ~$8 shares every time I have a successful sing up. How many people would benefit from signing up with Landa? Everyone !!!!! We all should be Property, or Real Estate owners and start collecting rent (dividends).


With Landa, you can focus on building a referral business at a ~$5 increment. This means that you only need 2 people to refer per day to get $10 a day. The alternative way to make $10 per day is simply to buy up an appropriate amount of shares that would equal to a $10 in dividends instead.

Start making money with Landa right here!





Take online surveys: Throughout much of my early freelancing career, I regularly relied upon paid surveys to supplement my income. Market research sites like InboxDollars and Swagbucks offer numerous surveys that make it easy to earn $10 a day.


Complete short tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk): I’ve earned thousands of dollars in extra income over the years completing short and easy tasks on MTurk. While many of these micro jobs pay low, most take a very short amount of time to complete them. Therefore, it isn’t hard at all to make $10 a day from MTurk.


Do a little mystery shopping: Most secret shopper gigs don’t pay enough to make them a regular job. However, a lot of times you can earn a quick 10 bucks from a short retail assignment that usually takes just a few minutes. In addition to earning a fee, you will typically get reimbursed (up to a point) for your purchase.


Participate in short focus group studies: As mentioned, I love market research gigs. In addition to paid surveys, you can also make an easy $10 by participating in a focus group. These short studies usually involve chatting with a moderator and other members about a brand, product, or service.


Get paid to “judge” court cases: Lawyers want to know how prospective jurors will view their case. So, they often enlist the help of virtual jurors through sites like eJury. Even better, reviewing online cases typically pays more per gig than the other options on this list, which can help you reach your $100 daily earnings goal faster.


License your photographs on stock photo websites: This is one of many ways to generate some passive income each day. The more photos you have to sell on sites like Getty Images, the more likely you will be able to earn at least $10 a day from your photography.


Complete online transcription gigs: If you love typing and you are really good at it, then transcribing audio files is yet another easy way to make $10 a day. In fact, my very first freelancing gig was with TranscribeMe. GMR Transcription and Rev are a couple of other transcription sites that often hire online transcribers.


Get paid to chat online: Finally, you can earn $10 a day by chatting with other users online. For example, dating sites and even platonic friend sites hire people to chat with their members. Typically, you are paid per message.


Now, I want to finish this article with a disclaimer. I’m not saying that you have to do all 10 of these types of gigs every day to make $100. They are just examples of how easy it’s to earn a quick 10 bucks. And they are easy to repeat on a daily basis. There’s a good chance you can hit your $100 daily earnings goal by doing just a handful of these gigs after you find out which ones are most lucrative for you.

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