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   The most exciting part of your business is growing the business to the next lever, however it won't happen without any marketing. There isn't an only one way to do online marketing. With that in mind, use every way possible to get connected with your customers. Be creative and adapt to all kinds of marketing techniques. Radio ads were relevant to old age advertisement until TV replaced it, and now the internet and cellphones are replacing radio and TV ads. 


    In this modern world you have to stay above the curve to make sure you constantly reaching out to your audience. 

Many people are using the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat, LinkedIn, Google Pages, Medium, etc...

I also would consider using Asirvia for any business marketing strategy. Asirvia is more modern technology advancement for a proximity marketing. The proximity marketing beacon will become the newest way to reach your customers over their phones. In today's modern age, everyone is constantly on their phones. Through the Asirvia proximity marketing beacon, your ads will automatically show up on their phones if they are with in 100 yards from you.


 Emails are another form of advertising, however don't overdo it! ​Those people who have given your their email address trust you, and hopefully you keep them informed with only most important information. You don't like to receive a spam mail, so don't become a spammer. 

Blogger is a great medium as well. Keep your followers informed of your struggles and tribulations while you are growing your personal development. It is very interesting to see the progress on how you became a successful person and who steps you have taken. This way the reader will be able to replicate your steps. 


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