Getting Started With Your Own Online Business                              

Start Making Money Online


05 Start Making Money

Why would you want to making money through a website?

  -  Your website is your long term investment. This is how you will retire in the end. You can also can pass it down to your future generation. By building a great website, it will become a continues income from now to the end. Your website will continue to make money 24/7/365 a year. Imagine, you are on a vacation with your family or asleep and your income is still going to be growing.

Let's start with basics:

Affiliate Programs:

    1. Wealthy Affiliates

    2. Google AdSense

    3. Cash Crate

    4.  And More Affiliate programs ....


So how do you make money?:

Let us look at a well recognized company: BestBuy 


Under the Partnership category at the bottom of the 

page you will see Affiliate Program.


They are willing to pay you money if you bring

customers to their website. 

More in-depth ways to setup BestBuy Affiliate Program on your website.

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