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The Most Frustrating Thing From Atlas Earth, the Virtual Real Estate Game!

Easy Money From a Simple Virtual Property Game like Atlas Earth.

I finally go to a point where my virtual properties are generating good income for me to re-invest to make much more. To get to this point, my biggest frustration was the time and tedious repetitive actions.

Off course, in the beginning, when I started, they have given me couple hundred bucks for me to buy a couple of parcels. Once I had those plots of land, I was accumulating income however it was so little that it didn't make any difference. Each day I have logged on to spin the wheel for an opportunity to get a lot of bucks. To spin the wheel I had to have diamonds, which I was hunting on my walks around the subdivision or an outing. It feels like a Pokemon go, walking around catching diamonds.

I love this virtual monopoly concept. Atlas Earth is not my first virtual real estate game. My first game was Upland Metaverse. However, I couldn't stop there. I am constantly looking for more opportunities to acquire more land in the virtual world, especially if it's free for me. Just like in the real world, having a property benefits the owner by collecting rent. I'm hoping to replicate it while building equity.

This platform eventually will allow you to sell or trade your properties. I don't know why you would want to sell any property since it's contributing to continuous income growth.


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