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Dice a Real Estate Investment into a Share!

Hey Mobile Real Estate Investment Hunters 👋

My name is Taylor, I am one of the investors in Landa!

I would like to introduce you to, Yishai, co-founder, and CEO at Landa. Landa enables anyone in the U.S. to invest in shares of residential real estate properties beginning with as little as $5. @amitassaraf and Yishai wanted to find a way to help individuals get excited about and involved in real estate investing. So they have discovered that the biggest hurdle to getting started is the financial barrier, so they have built a scalable model where people can buy shares of real estate for a fraction of the cost.

Why Landa?

Well, High-net-worth individuals have access to real estate investing opportunities. So, to level the playing field and expand the accessibility window.

  • - There is a lack of technology platforms that allow investors to easily build their real estate portfolio. Landa fills this need

  • - having built a mobile-first application where investors can buy and sell shares of properties in minutes.

  • - Upkeep and maintenance expenses are not only expensive but a major time commitment for investors.

Landa owns all property management from 0 to 10.

- Researching real estate investments can be as resource-consuming and confusing as hiring the right real estate lawyer or broker and remains an obstacle prospective investors face. Landa conducts market and property research so that investors can invest in pre-vetted properties. How Landa helps anyone invest in (the largest global asset class) real estate:

- Curated Properties - Real-time property updates (lease renewals, rent payments, renovations…) - Start an account with a free share - Buy/sell property shares Check us out at Landa.app. We Can’t wait to hear what you think! Happy to answer any questions you might have. 🙂 Cheers



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