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Landa VS. Fundrise Real Estate investment platforms ( REIT )


Let's talk about Landa - you can start with a min of $5

Are you a beginner in real estate investing? Are you considering buying a residential Real Estate property for your investment portfolio? Landa and Fundrise are the two programs that give you an opportunity and freedom with your investment. You no longer have to deal with an inventory. Nowadays, it's all at your fingertips. Landa will give you control to pick a property you would like to invest in without having to deal with any paperwork. Also, Landa does not have a minimum investment requirement, compared to others requiring a larger initial investment.

How Does Landa Work?

Once Landa purchases a property, it converts it into a limited liability company (LLC) and offers up to 10,000 shares for single-family homes and up to 100,000 shares for multi-family properties. After buying a share, you earn an equal fraction of the profit the property generates from rental income in the form of dividends.

Landa owns teams that manage the rentals as well as the tenants.

The process

  • Landa's research team will identify the right property to purchase

  • The renter's department will find appropriate tenants to occupy the property

  • Dividends are distributed based on the rent collected from the previous month.

  • Property maintenance is handled by Landa's management team so you don't have to do anything even if you own 100% of the shares.

One of the biggest advantages of Landa is you have full autonomy with your shares. You can sell your shares at any price that you would like to set.

Once you are approved and your account is active, you can share an invite link with your friends and family. Landa will give you a share of the property for every person who joins the team. Can you imagine if could invite the whole world through my link, I would be a millionaire!

To make money, Landa charges a one-time acquisition fee and 8% property management fees to cover the operational and administrative costs. As an investor, you do not have any deposit or withdrawal fees, nor membership or asset management fees.

Let's talk about the Fundrise - you can start with a min of $10

If you ever wanted to invest in Real Estate without having much capital, Fundrise is a way to go as well. This crowdfunding platform takes only $10 to get started, not like others that require much more to begin.

Fundrise intended to offer ordinary investors an affordable way to afford to invest in diversified portfolios of income-producing real estate. This ownership was built on a share-based model, similar to mutual funds selling shares of many different investments in one place.

The biggest difference between Landa and Fundrise is that with Fundrise your return on your investment share of a REIT represents partial ownership of all the individual assets held by the fund, whereas with Landa your share value reflects upon that one property and its tenants. Like a mutual fund, REITs are professionally managed by one or more fund managers, who determine and implement the REIT’s investment strategy.

In Funrise equity investments, income is often generated from rental payments from tenants on a regular basis. For income-generating investments, investors typically get dividend distributions, which represent the income earned by individual real estate properties. Dividend distributions are typically paid to investors in proportion to their share of ownership of the entire fund on a regular basis.

The safest way to invest a small amount of money for your future and get a return higher than your personal savings account. Even your high-yielding savings account can't match up to the rate of return on these platforms.

If you are interested in any of these platforms, please use my referral link. These platforms will give me a share of stock for spreading the word about them. Thank you in advance. See you on the inside.

What are your investment strategies?

Let me visually share my progress on Landa's platform. When I started experimenting, I invested only $18

My ROI is at 115% on a $18 investment. This is my own personal experience with Landa.

Update 11/28/2022

I will continue to update my progress once in a while without investing any more of my own money!

Ready to Start

Earning Dividends?

Every month, Landa investors have earned an increasing amount of dividends. Are you ready to collect yours?

Dividend payments by month in 2022:



















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