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Investment tip of a day by DayCake Income!

Investing tip by www.daycakeincome.com

12 spots left!

How many of you want to purchase a home and rent it out? If you don't qualify for a large loan and don't have good credit, no problem.

You don't have to buy a house just to collect rent. You don't have to invest the whole loan amount like if you were to purchase a house. You could start with the most basic strategy to become a homeowner. Start from a little that you can afford. Put away just like you would have had to pay your mortgage payment and practice it until you are ready to buy a house 🏠

We have the last 12 spots left for anyone who is interested in real estate investment platforms. No matter if you are young or old and want real estate investment to work for you start from here.

Join me on Fundrise:



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