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How DO I Automate My Daily Check-ins and Perform specific Actions on my mobile APP ???

How do automate daily check-ins and perform specific actions on my phone app while I am asleep?

Is there a way to have your phone perform specific actions just like an auto-update while I'm asleep? However, those particular actions have to be within an app called Atlas: Earth. It is a virtual Real Estate app. I have been using this app for a long time and finally getting hold of its potential. I have 15 Land Lots, they called parcels at this point. I am also acquiring rent from all of the properties. I'm hoping to buy more parcels with that rent that I Am collecting each and every day.

My personal goal is to have automation going every 20 minutes. That automation needs to log in and click one button to watch a video to collect 2 extra Atlas bucks. Can anyone tell me if that's possible to achieve?

Once I accumulate $100 Atlas bucks, I can buy another parcel. The more parcels I have the more rent I can collect. I hope to repeat this for as long as possible. it's like they are giving away free land if you willing to put your time in. If anyone could point me me in the right direction, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much.

Once the Atlas Earth app opens to this screen, I would like for it to navigate "SHOP" menu

On the SHOP screen, Atlas Earth give me an option to watch an AD every 20 minutes for extra 2 Atlas Bucks.

So my goal is to have it repeat the action every minutes for extra 2 bucks.

Thank you again for everyone's impute.


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