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Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know About Making Money Online

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cup of coffee on the table, vs starting online business
Starting Online Business for less than a cup of coffee per day!

Can you imagine being able to start an online business for less than $1.50 per day? Every once in a while, you come across a successful online business, and you know it’s the real deal. Today you are on this page that is the one you’re on now, and on it, I’ve outlined everything you need to start your first successful online business. You will learn all sorts of things, like how to make real money online (without the BS), how to get the best tools, training, and support for free, the reasons why my 1-on-1 mentorship will benefit you, and I will even show you a quick way on how to get started as soon as today. Before I do anything, let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Taylor, and for the past couple of years, I’ve been earning a full-time income working from home. It has been many years since I searched the phrase “how to make money online” for the first time on Google. If I’m not mistaken, it was late 2009, somewhere around Thanksgiving time. Back then, I didn’t know much about how this making money online thing works, let alone how to start and grow a profitable online business. I was simply intrigued by the idea of working online, having the opportunity to travel the world and focus more on the things I’m passionate about. I'm adopted, and from a big family, so my time is very important to me!

The thought of doing something that will enable me to follow my passions is enough to convince me that working online is the way to go. As you can imagine, my online career had a rough start. I ended up spending thousands of dollars on a bunch of overpromising courses that fooled me into believing that I can make easy money online just like that. Now, when I look back at it, I did some foolish things over many years, but this was partly because I developed the “shiny object” syndrome and began to believe that everything I saw online was the next “big thing.” It’s fair to say that I was lost in a sea of immeasurable information, and I was constantly fed with lies and ads trying to lure me into wasting my money on some nonsense course. Being the clueless me at that time, I actually ended up buying a few of them, but this was mainly because I didn’t even know one-tenth of the things I know now. Most of people working online will tell you that you need to go down the same path and experience some trouble along the way to succeed. Coincidentally, in the 30 seconds, it took you to read this far, I already made a sale, and I can comfortably bet that I’ll make at least two more by the end of tonight. (It’s currently noon where I’m at) As previously noted, I’ll be showing you the exact step-by-step method that I use to make money online, but not without letting you know that you must be prepared to make an effort, or otherwise, your chances of succeeding will be slim. I’d be happy to help you out, point you in the right direction, and share some of the things to watch out for along the way, but at the end of the day, I can only do so much. Please don’t expect to join some done-for-you system and start to make thousands of dollars per day by the end of next week. This is a real business you’ll be building, and I just want to make sure you’re okay with that. HOW IT WORKS… The business model I’m dealing with is one of the most common ways people make a living online, and there are some excellent reasons for that. It’s very beginner-friendly compared to other earning models and is considered a low-risk-high-return investment. What I do is called affiliate marketing, and as an affiliate, I promote and sell other people’s products and services, and in return, they pay me (in most cases) more than 40% of commissions.

Many small companies and giant corporations worldwide have so-called affiliate programs, and by joining them, you get the chance to promote their products. Affiliate marketing has been around forever now (since 1989), but it’s set to explode even more in the upcoming years. The beauty of it lies in the fact you don’t own any of the products you promote but still get to enjoy the profits as if they were yours. It’s very affordable, and anyone from anywhere around the world can do it. HERE’S THE BLUEPRINT IN A NUTSHELL… All I do is create simple websites, write articles, and rank them on the first page of Google. As we speak, thousands of users from around the world are searching for something online. Some of them find my articles, click through my site, and read my content in which I’ve previously placed affiliate links that I got from the people and companies I’ve partnered up with. Once the reader clicks on one of my links and buys the thing I’m recommending, I get a commission. Thousands of people are visiting my site daily. Not all of them end up buying, of course, but some of them do. The articles I’ve ranked are there to stay, and they continuously bring me traffic and work for me around the clock. People worldwide find my pages, and because of the different time zones, I make sales 24/7. THE INCOME POTENTIAL… As you might know, the number of internet users has been growing significantly, meaning that hundreds of thousands of new visitors will be searching for all kinds of different things on Google in the upcoming few years. Things that you can rank articles for. Just a few years ago, in 2016, the number of online users was standing at around 3.6 million users. Today, it’s more than 5. Also, consider the fact that the number of online shoppers has also considerably increased due to the pandemic, and it comes out to be a perfect opportunity. Now it’s the best time to get started with affiliate marketing, and the success stories that I’ll be sharing with you, later on, will only reinforce my statement. IT’S A FOUR-STEP PROCESS…

  1. You need to create a website

  2. Publish content on it

  3. Place affiliate links within your articles

  4. Earn commissions.

The part where most people start to panic is, unfortunately, the first one. They tend to believe that building a website is complicated and only for those who know how to code. If you are one of them, forget everything you’ve heard about building sites. Technology has evolved so much that you can get one up and running in less than 10 minutes nowadays. I’ll literally be showing you how to do all of that further down this page. I also will show you a place where you can get a free website + an excellent hosting deal to start. After all, I’m a man of my word, and I said that I’d help you out. HOW DO AFFILIATE WEBSITES LOOK LIKE? If you’ve bought something online before, you probably did it through an affiliate marketing website. There are thousands of them on the web. The two sites that came up when I searched for “best shoes for basketball” are perfect examples of affiliate marketing websites. If you click on their article and read the content, you’ll find affiliate links that lead to third-party websites. In this case, Amazon. If you decide to buy the recommended product through one of the links, the person who owns the site will be compensated for bringing you as a buyer. The owner of the website is not a special somebody. He’s just someone that has some knowledge on the topic and happened to create a website about sports shoes. Now, that website works all day long for him and continually earns him affiliate commissions. WHAT KIND OF WEBSITE TO CREATE? You can create a website about literally anything these days. There are so many topics to write about that it’s almost impossible not to get ranked. You can get affiliated with thousands of companies around the world and promote all sorts of silly things like: • Electronics Books Kitchen appliances Gym equipment Art Software Music Fresh fruit Pet clothes Coffee machines Bonsai grooming equipmentAnything you can think of! The list goes on, and that’s the beauty of it. You just have to get creative and find the right angle, that’s all. Exactly what I’ll be teaching you if you decide to give affiliate marketing a chance. PASSIVE AFFILIATE MARKETING!

You have to do this perfectly only one time in your life for it to make you money forever! It’s truly unlike anything you’ve seen before. The articles that you will be writing can stay ranked on the first page of Google and get thousands of visitors per day for years over and over again. As you post more and more articles and your website will grow, and the traffic from all of your posts will start to combine and overlap, resulting in you getting thousands of online visitors. These visitors will become your potential customers each and every month for so many years, because of only one single post. This overlapping traffic effect is known amongst affiliates as – the snowball effect. It’s a metaphor for something that initially starts small but grows with time. You can think of it as dropping a snowball from the top of a mountain. It will start small, but it will grow with time. LET’S BREAK DOWN THE 4-STEP PROCESS STEP 1: CREATE A WEBSITE. As was mentioned above, the part where most start to panic for no reason whatsoever. I can only imagine what you’re thinking of right now, considering that a few years back, I was in the same situation that you’re in now. To make you feel better, I promise you don’t need any special skills to create a website. The tedious technicalities of building a site are long gone, and at this time, you can get a website to go live in no time. STEP 2: PUBLISH CONTENT ON IT. When I started writing, I didn’t think of myself as a writer. It’s fair to say that I found it overwhelming at first, but I’ve gotten better in all the years, as you can tell. Getting an article published was a slow process for me at the beginning. I didn’t know what to write about, how to structure my articles or anything for that matter. I regret the day I decided to update my first pieces of content because now I don’t get to show them to you and make you realize that I was terrible at this. And when I say terrible, I mean I was writing content that not even my mom wanted to read. But every time I had to write an article, my writing would improve, and I would learn a thing or two about the process. I later found out that the idea behind all of this was not to write academically but to offer comfort and a sense of connection through topics that resonate with my audience. Most bloggers put an effort to position themselves as a voice of authority; neglecting that authority creates the distance between them and the readers. Readers end up going through content that they can’t resonate with, making them feel like they don’t have anything in common with the person serving it to them. But remember, everyone starts at zero. Zero-knowledge. Zero experience. Zero words written. Zero profit. Please don’t get discouraged and even feel intimated by what others are doing, the amounts of the money they’re making, or even by the ways they were able to pull it off. The sooner you understand that your uniqueness is what readers are looking for, the faster you’ll achieve your long-term goals. At the end of the day, it’s all about sharing your experiences with your readers. As long as you can write an e-mail, you can make money from blogging. Real beauty comes from the willingness to help. Be kind, and genuine, share your ideas with the world, and let your readers get a real sense of human connection. So, what should you write about? Considering that you don’t need to have any expertise, you can write just about anything you can think of. The best advice I would give to new bloggers (not coming from the “expert” I am today, but from the blogger I once was) is to follow your heart and write on things you’re passionate about. The game of blogging is a marathon and not a sprint. Focusing on topics that you are keen on will make the process much more enjoyable, and you’ll likely have greater chances of sticking to and achieving your goals. Are you a snowboarder like myself? You could create a site that revolves around snowboarding and promote snow-related products. (Hats, jackets, gloves, avalanche equipment, hotel accommodations, and so forth) Are you a gamer? Why not create a site, write about game-related topics, and perhaps promote the latest gam