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Time is money, make money while you are asleep.

How to invest in a long term goals. The most important part of that question it your personal investment. Teach yourself on daily basis with long term in mind. Have that goal on the horizon with each step you take.

For an example, I would like to have time for my family and friends. With that in mind, I started working towards making money while I'm spending time with my family and friends. On constant basis I try to teach myself to utilize time in my own favor. I always ask myself, how can I make money while I'm asleep? Time is your currency, so you have to value it in money that you have already spent.

Make others work for you instead like and associate program at

Each day goes by you will never get it back. That means you have to make more money with less time so you can spend more time with your family and friends. So now think about making money while you are asleep. It's extra time that you can utilize to make money without taking it away from your family or friends. If you can figure that out you'll be on the right track.

Published by @DayCakeIncome

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