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What you should know about me:

I am not a reader or a writer. I'm not very good with Grammar. However, I would like to teach and show others through my passion how to make a living for yourself on daily basis while you are asleep. Making money online is very simple yet at the same time and very complex. I'm going to do my best to provide content for you to follow as much as possible step by step instructions. I will not tell you things that you should do which I have not done.

I do my best on reading and exploring all possibilities. I'm constantly motivating myself to grow better as an individual and as a business owner, as well as studying as much as I can on how to build a business online. There is so much free content. There are also many many possibilities and options of all kinds of programs that entice me to sign up and give them money to get rich really quickly. All of them end up with the same idea: sell it for them.

I'm not writing this to ask you to sell anything for me, but just to explain my process to you. It's my form of documentation for myself.

I work 60 hours a week and then come home and try to work on my personal business. I see the end result where I have a business that consistently running while I am asleep. At that point, the information that I am posting based on my experience provides enough content for people to read and understand and duplicate whatever they can.

Ultimately I want to do this as a living because I love it not because I have to. I want to teach people how to make money online without giving up their paycheck. I hate those programs that all take your money and still want more. I would like to teach people how to do it without taking a dime.


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