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Simplify your future!

rough draft

Your Passion turned into your future! I'm going to try to simplify your blogging website into a future generating money making site.

Number 1!

Its very simple... What's your passion?

Don't worry about the website layout, don't worry about the perfection of the design! Have fun expressing your knowledge and experience through your writing.

Make your blog personal. When you continue writing more and more, people will start following you. Eventually people start sharing your blogs, and more and more will be shared and tweeted by many.

Continue to add one by one, post on twitter.

Two 2!

After a few posts , you have to get to know your marketing crowd and start interacting with them on Twitter, Facebook, and all the social networks. Eventually you start building your network within your network. You have to build your reputation and build respect from your followers.

More and more people will continue to ask you more questions, continuing to build your network and name.


Don't look at everyone with large numbers who constantly tell you how much they are making online. Have fun first, and show your true passion. I will have more to add for later.

(mytimeline.com (foot note))

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