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Creative Marketing through Instagram, Twitter, social hashtags like #love, #instagood, #me, #photoof

In today's world you are surrounded bye hashtags a social media lingo a popular subject. It might not be most popular tomorrow however today is what will draw attention. You have to adapt to Everyday environment to promote your business or your brand.

Be involved with your customers, connect in their everyday environment. These hashtags are the connections between what day are following, sharing or posting. It's unfortunate how many businesses out there by their followers for the cheapest dollar. However these followers are not true to their brand. Personally try to audit your tweeter followers and see how many of your followers are actually true followers.

I use www.twitteraudit.com to have an idea how many of my followers are real.

I want to share mine techniques so you can be better than me.

For an example: if you own a bakery, and you follow a social media and realize that everyone out there playing with fidget spinners. Imagine now you bake a cookie in a form of a fidget spinner and post a picture or a video on the social media. Tag your posts with as much data or hashtags as possible that way everyone can find it and share it with their friends.

Some ideas just like that became a viral posts, which brought more attention.

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