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Time in a Bottle: How would you spent your time?

How would you spent time if you had it?

We are loosing time out of our days. Each day we spend our time and efforts working for money so we can pay our bills. It is a never ending cycle, more money more bills, continuing to add to our complicated lives.

We try to use our imaginations to free ourselves from this chaos of life and money. It would be wonderful if we could win a lottery, and buy this and that, or take a vacation, or start a business and so on....

When we retire and have more time on our plate, we will do something very exciting, travel the world, drive fast cars, do fun things with friends.... WILL YOU?

Let us ask older people: What do you think about having more time on your plate? What would you do, if you really had more time in a day to do the things you truly want to do?

Why don't we make our dreams come true? Why don't we set that as a priority?

Please follow us on facebook @Daycakeincome or our website www.daycakeincome.com Thank you very much for reading this.

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