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Welcome to DayCake !


Since 2013, I’ve been working on making money online from scratch. 
    I am dedicated on sharing
my experience with you,
 so you and I could do this together!
Let's build residual income together!

Where does My Journey end...

    My ultimate goal is to inspire you and motivate you to build own future that you have been dreaming of each and every day. I also would like to show you my step-by-step journey with instructions on how I build my online business on a day-to-day basis. This is my Side Hustle! What's yours? I would like to lead by example, so I will do my best to keep you updated with my income journey. We will grow our residual income together through hard work. Let's do it!

       No matter if you are an average Joe, you can do it!  You can turn your everyday passion into something very good and worth living for. I am just like you. I am learning. I am improving and growing closer to my success.

Don't rely on your 401K. You might not have it by then. You might be working if you don't make a plan!


 What does your retirement look like? 

Are you ready to build your Residual Income? 


Every day I will continue to add more information on what I have learned, so I can share my progress with you.


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Are you ready to begin our DayCake Income Journey

Begin with

The Right mindset

Before you begin, you will have to know the truth about your business development.



Try to  answer important questions about web hosting choices



Be Yourself.

Do not be a copy

of someone else.


How do you make others

be aware of

who you are and your brand. 




So how do you make money? 



What brands are you part of? Why?